Cheerful raincoats for travel, because we need them

Seattle’s about to hit a super warm yet still possibly rainy season, and all I want are cute raincoats and coats. (And in which I find out I really like the color orange.)

Look, I get that there’s major appeal in buying in a black raincoat. So sleek, so easy to style. It’s just so… boring. Why can’t we look cute or fun or happy in our raingear? Why did we act like that had to stop when we turned ten? No way.

So in honor of that, I’ve collected some really fun looking coats. I may have to test them all myself one day. (And if you find any more, please add them in the comments? This collection is mainly the result of my being excited about neon orange at three in the morning.)

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Palmas active Jacket, Cotopaxi

Links: REI, Cotopaxi. Image courtesy of Cotopaxi.

The jacket that started this whole post. (And not a raincoat, but the kind of layer I start with for cold weather.) And honestly, I want all the colors? The neon’s awesome but I actually haven’t seen much like the other palettes.

I feel like I should mention that this jacket is actually on the tame side by Cotopaxi’s standards, if you wanted to go full 80s style windbreaker out there.

Get your own here: Cotopaxi. Image courtesy of Cotopaxi.

You thought I was kidding.

Joules Right as Rain Packable Raincoats

Get it yourself here: Nordstrom. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Green polka dots? Sign me up!

Link to buy this awesomeness: Joules. Image courtesy of Joules.

And look at this ray of sunshine! Also, they’re both packable. I wonder how wind resistant and breathable they are, since I have to consider that for Seattle, but they’re adorable and I want them.

Arc’teryx Atom hoody

Get your neon here: REI / Arc’teryx. Image courtesy Arc’teryx.

Thank you, Arc’teryx, for making something so eye-searingly neon orange Johnny Harris might have to get it for his wife.

Patagonia Nano puff jacket

The ladies’ version of what Johnny Harris currently lives in. Because my brain went there five seconds later.

And yeah, neither of them area raincoats, but this is for Seattle. I’d totally layer these under any hard shell.

Mountain Hardwear Women’s Exposure/2™ GORE-TEX Pro Jacket

Get yours here: Mountain Hardwear. Image by Mountain Hardwear.

Oh Mountain Hardwear, you have outdone yourself and I am here for it. I’m pretty sure I knew people who owned this in 1989.

I’m absolutely sure it’s a great jacket, and I love the colorway. It’s cheerful, yet not eye searing? I don’t know if I’d be up for the matching rain pants as a Look, it still looks functional and full of pockets.

Kate Spade Millbrook Twill water resistant rain coat

Get it here: Nordstrom. Image by Nordstrom.

Sure, the cut is classic, but that Barbie neon pink is amazing and would brighten any dark day.

Not super thrilled on the water resistant bit, because Seattle, it’s still cute. Maybe for a day with light showers and tons of meetings indoors?


Boden is kind of a treasure trove of coats and raincoats. I gave up on finding neat ones after two.

Like this one, for when you want both subtle cheer:

And here’s understated in the front, drama in the back:

Yeah, they’re all awesome.

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